GELATIN  .25 oz.
WATER  2 oz.
EGG YOLKS  5.5 oz.
SUGAR  3 oz.
MILK  6 oz.
WHITE CHOCOLATE - finely chopped  5.5 oz.
HEAVY CREAM - whipped (soft peaks)  16 oz.


1) Bloom and dissolve gelatin in the 2 ounces of water.

2) Warm whip the yolks and sugar to 150F. Whip on high speed till thick.

3) Scald the milk, and then pour over the chopped white chocolate.

4) Add the gelatin to the chocolate mixture.

5) Add vanilla flavoring.

6) Allow the chocolate mixture to cool over an ice-water bath until slightly thickened!

7) Then fold-in the yolk/sugar mixture.

8) Then fold-in the whipped cream. Be careful not to overmix!