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Create exciting edible shapes to compliment any entree or plated dessert with these Tuile Templates.
A variety of sweet or savory mixtures can be used with these templates, such as tulipe batter, hippenmasse, French meringue, savory cracker mixtures and tempered chocolate, just to name a few.  Dessert Container Recipes.
Most popular shapes:
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TRIANGLE - length 5 5/8", width 2"
SPOON - length 6 3/8", width 1 7/16"

WAVE CUP - length 8 3/4", width 3 5/8".  Curls into a round dessert container!

OAK LEAF - length 3 1/4", width 2

BLANK SHEET - make your own design !

Template Not for oven use.
Overall template dimension: 15 5/8" x 10 1/2" - fits a half sheetpan Silpat.
Made of food safe high density polyethylene.
Meets FDA, USDA and NSF standards.
Hand wash only.  Wash prior to using.

Directions of use:
Simply place the template on top of a half sheetpan Silpat.
Spread the desired batter evenly over the design cavities, then remove all excess batter using an offset spatula.
Carefully lift off the Tuile Template and remove, carefully slide the Silpat onto the back of a sheetpan and bake as directed.
Remove from the oven and while still hot shape into the desired form.

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