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The Secrets of Ice Cream - Ice Cream without Secrets.
Written in:  English & Spanish
392 pages
125 formulas for ice cream shops and restaurants.
Author:  Angelo Corvitto
Inside Book Glimpse
This ice-cream master suggests some sort of pure logical game which ends up by seducing you, regardless of one’s level of expertise in ice-cream making.
Almost without realizing it, you assume the rules of the game and start to use his terminology. You soon master concepts such as the AFP, the SP, the serving temperature and the pieces start to fit together.
The ultimate reward is balance, which is achieved by means of a careful system of compensations where there is no place for chance. You can spend several hours theorizing with Angelo on how to make the best ice-cream possible. As you find the answer to some questions, new queries arise, which you manage to work out and so on. I can assure that this is a highly nourishing exercise, even for those who are not professional in the industry.
This ice-cream game is nothing other than a well-defined rigorous method, perfectly built, with no fissures, which aims at the elaboration of the best possible top quality ice-cream. A method which is the result of long years in the profession, of experience, and above all, a result of the infinite restlessness of a professional who has been researching every single day throughout his career.
"The secrets of ice-cream, Ice-cream without secrets" is much more than just a simple ice-cream making manual for ice-cream makers. It is an essentially practical book so that every gastronomy professional in general (cooks, pastry makers, ice-cream makers, catering...) can make the best ice-cream possible, adapted to their own needs and their own means.
This work provides a great amount of really innovative elements. A thorough analysis of each of the questions in relation to the ingredients, elaboration processes, serving temperatures, conservation, transport, display and sale, all the ice-creams perfectly grouped in different families, a totally understandable use of language, an agile and dynamic design, make this book a truly priceless tool.

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