WATER - warm 6 ounces
SALT 8 ounces
ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR - sifted 8 ounces
CORNSTARCH - sifted 4 ounces


1) Blend together the warm water and salt and stir for 10 minutes.

2) Using a Kitchen Aid mixer with a dough hook attachment, slowly add the flour and cornstarch mixture until a workable dough is formed. Mix on low speed for 12 minutes. Adjust consistency by adding a little more water or flour, until the final dough has reached a smooth pliable consistency.

3) Store the dough in an air-tight "Ziploc" bag.

4) If desired, you may color you dough with food colorings or other food products.

5) Build you showpiece on parchment or aluminum foil, and place on a sheetpan. Dry you pieces in an oven set at 200F. This drying process should take 3-5 hours! Don't rush it by raising the temperature.

6) Seal your finished pieces with marzipan lacquer if desired.