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Item#: SCI-Q77001
Your Price: $20.99
Create beautiful baked loaves of traditional Stollen bread.
The pans unique design bakes loaves with the distinctive Stollen shape.
Made of high-quality steel, provides even and gentle heat distribution for consistent browning and baking.  Holes at the top of the pan allow steam to escape during baking.
Premium non-stick coating assures perfect stick-free results everytime!
Loaf Size:  length 11 1/2", width 5 1/8", height 2 3/4"
Bread yield weight:  1 1/2 pounds / 750g
Shape Stollen dough as directed in a recipe.  Place dough on a sheetpan and cover with the Stollen Mold.  Allow to rise, then bake as directed.  The Stollen Mold will maintain the dough's shape during baking yielding a uniform and attractive final baked product.
Made in Portugal

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