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Southern Italian Bread Mix / O-tentic Tutto Pugliese, offers the simplest way to make a classic bread that originates from Altamura in Southern Italy.
Generally recognized that Puglia, in particular the city of Altamura in Southern Italy, produces one of the best breads in the world.
It has a unique combination of European sourdough and durum wheat semolina that creates a superior quality bread.

O-tentic Tutto Pugliese, bread mix is a unique combination of certified durum wheat semolina flour, sourdough and yeast, and all the baker has to do is simply "Add Water."
The result is a traditional Altamura bread with a creamy and toasted flavor, a compact and yellow crumb with a crunchy and rich crust.

Recommended Usage:  O-tentic Tutto Pugliese & Water (between 70% and 90%)

Presence of active ingredients that allow to reproduce all the characteristics of natural yeast.
Easy to use
Fresh bread at all hours
Intense aroma
Excellent texture
Origin of the ingredients
Prolonged freshness
All natural product, that performs like an active sourdough starter, providing both sour flavor and yeast fermentation to breads.

Net weight:  22 pounds / 10 kg

Brand name:  O-tentic Tutto Pugliese
Packaged as dry mix.  Once opened the product can be stored for a maximum of one week between 32°F to 45°F sealed in its packaging.
By world renowned producer Puratos, made in Belgium

Water   730 g
O-tentic Tutto Pugliese   1000 g
Mix O-tentic Tutto Pugliese with 600 g of Water, and mix on 1st speed for 4 minutes.
Change to 2nd speed for 9 minutes, and gradually add the remaining 130g of Water, achieving a final dough temperature of 80°F.
Bulk rest dough at 86°F with 75% humidity for 20 minutes.
Scale dough into required individual portions, round dough and shape tightly.
Allow to rise at 86°F with 75% humidity for 45-60 minutes.  Leave in the open air for 10 minutes to form a light layer of dry skin and then score top of dough.
Bake 450°F with plenty of steam until golden brown.

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