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The unique Silpain Bread Mat, is a non-stick "perforated" mat specifically made for baking bread, rolls, croissants, tarts and pate a choux.
The perforations in the mat allows for steam and moisture to escape during baking, resulting a crispy bottom crust !
The non-stick silicone surface assures baked items won't stick !
Made of woven glass fabric, impregnated and coated with food grade non-stick silicone.
Use with a perforated sheetpan or special wire rack.
Heat resistant from -40 to +580 degrees Fahrenheit.
No greasing necessary. Clean with a sponge.
Fits USA commercial sized sheetpans.

Two Sizes: 

Half Sheetpan - length 16 1/2", width 11 5/8" $25.99
Full Sheetpan - length 24 1/4", width 16 1/2"  $33.99
Made in France
**Do not place directly on oven surface or oven rack.

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