GLUCOSE - liquid  27 OZ.
 GLYCERIN - liquid  2.5 OZ.
 SHORTENING - melted  5 OZ.
 10X POWDERED SUGAR - sifted  10#

 Yields enough Fondant to cover a 14", 12", 10", and 8" cake.

NOTE:  Before beginning make sure everything is meticulously clean.  Including mixing bowl, paddle attachment, work table and your hands!

1. In a stainless steel bowl, sprinkle powdered gelatin over the cold water and allow this to sit (bloom) for 10 minutes. Then place over a simmering water-bath and stir to (dissolve) the gelatin.

2. Add the glucose and glycerin to the gelatin mixture. Then stir in the melted shortening. Make sure the mixture is warm!

3. Place the sifted powdered sugar into your mixing bowl, reserving some to adjust consistency later. Add the liquid mixture to the center, and mix on low speed with a paddle until the mixture comes together and is smooth. DO NOT OVERMIX !!!

4. Remove from the mixer, place on a clean worktable and knead with additional powdered sugar if necessary to make a pliable consistency. It should be easy to roll!

5. Keep tightly covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying.




 * Cakes are first sliced into layers, filled, crumb coated with buttercream, and then refrigerated for 30 minutes.
 * A 2.5:1 white chocolate butter ganache is mixed and allowed to thicken. The chilled cake is then removed from the refrigerator, and the thickened white chocolate ganache is thinly applied to seal, smooth and level the cake. Return the cake to the refrigerator for - about 30 minutes.
** Marzipan can be used in place of the ganache.
 * Soften the rolled fondant before rolling it out.
 * Make sure your work area and rolling pin is meticulously clean. Dust the table with equal parts of sifted cornstarch and confectionery sugar. Make sure your work bench is dusted evenly.
 * Rollout the fondant using a slight even pressure to achieve an uniform 3/8" thickness. Rotate the rolled fondant constantly to prevent it from sticking to the table. DO NOT turn the fondant over.
 * Place the prepared cake on the worktable in front of you. NOT on a turntable!
 * Polish the surface of the fondant with the palm of your hand, by rubbing in a circular motion. This makes the surface shiny and smooth. Gently lift the fondant off the table, or roll around a rolling pin to transfer to the cake.
 * Lay the rolled fondant over the cake starting from one side to the other, making sure you have covered the entire top and sides of the cake.
 * Cut off any excess with scissors. Begin to smooth-out the fondant on the sides of the cake by pressing carefully. Work SLOWLY around the cake, making sure there are no wrinkles.
 * Smooth and polish the fondant by gently polishing with a cardboard circle. Move the cake to a turntable for easier handling.