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Item#: DECOR-D16
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Decorate your cakes, plated desserts and special occasion platters with speed and uniformity, with this all new Rose Maker Rapid Press.
This professional Rose Maker Rapid Press, is a specialty tool that produces individual rose petals, these petals are then assembled into a completed rose or rose bud.
You can use any type of edible ingredient to create these beautiful Roses - almond paste, marzipan, modeling chocolate, fondant or modeling paste.
The unit works quite simply !
Start by determining the size of the rose you wish to produce and the number of petals required.
Portion the selected medium into round balls weighing all the same size, to yield the appropriate size of final rose petal desired.  Place these balls on the unit base in a uniform line.
Now close the top lid slowly but do not close all the way, then reopen.
Use the included plastic modeling knife, remove the petal from the top lid.
The unit's unique construction is designed to flatten these round balls into tapered delicate Petals!  The finished Rose Petals are now ready to be assembled into a completed rose or rose bud.
Unit dimensions:  18 1/2" length,  5" width,  1 3/8" height
Made in France

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