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Quick Shine Enhanced provides Browning & Shine to your baked products.
Quick Shine Enhanced is formulated to add a uniform shine and features an added browning agent – for a perfect shine and enhanced deep, golden browning.
Provides a consistent, professional finish on baked goods made from scratch, frozen dough or par-baked products.

Simply spray uniformly over unbaked product surface in a sweeping motion just before placing in oven. Add toppings, such as cheese, seeds, grains or seasonings, if desired and bake as usual.

Requires no special storage or handling. Simply store the product in a convenient location at room temperature.

One 16 ounce can contains nearly 960 servings; depending on preferred application level, and is estimated to cover 160 one-pound specialty bread loaves; 80 dozen rolls, croissants or pastries; 90 baguettes; 40 dozen food service crusted entrée portions; or 200 pizza crust edges (12” diameter).

When applied as directed, Quick Shine Enhanced does not significantly alter the nutritional profile and therefore does not require bakeries to change the Nutritional Facts panel previously prepared for the finished baked product.

16 ounce aerosol spray can

Contains NO Eggs
Adds No taste or odor
Uniform Application Coverage
No Refrigeration needed
No Brushing
No Mixing
No Mess
960 servings per can
2 year shelf-life
Non-flammable propellant.
Kosher OU-Pareve Formula
Made in USA

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