1. Boil sugar and water to 230F. Then add the corn syrup. Wash down the sides of the pot throughout the cooking process with water.

2. Continue boiling until 240F is reached on a candy thermometer.

3. Pour onto a moistened marble top, and allow the sugar to cool to 110F. Mist the surface of the hot sugar with water.

4. At 110F, begin agitating the fondant with a couple of bench scrapers. Folding the sugar on top of itself, from the outside in!

5. The fondant will begin to recrystallize and turn white! Continue to work the fondant by hand, or place in a mixer with a paddle attachment. The finished product should be smooth and creamy.

6. Place the fondant in a bucket, cover with about an 1 inch layer of water, and seal with a lid.

7. To use, place the desired amount of fondant in a stainless-steel bowl. Place over a simmering water bath and heat to 100F. Stir constantly to assure the fondant becomes evenly heated.

8. You may adjust the consistency of the fondant to be more fluid, by adding a small quantity of corn syrup or simple syrup or egg white.