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34 pounds 2 ounces / 15.5 kg / PatisFrance France
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Weight: 17 pounds 10 ounces / 8 kg
Weight: 34 pounds 2 ounces / 15.5 kg
Pastry Fondant or Poured Fondant, is a quintessential preparation used widely throughout a bakeshop for glazing and icing baked products.

Use to glaze eclairs, napoleons, petits fours, Danish, coffee cakes, donuts, quick breads, cakes and a wide variety of bakery items.
Two sizes:
Weight:  17 pounds 10 ounces / 8 kg  -  $46.99
DGF France

Weight:  34 pounds 2 ounces / 15.5 kg  -  $68.99
Patisfrance France

Directions of use:
Heat over a simmering waterbath to 95F degrees; do not exceed 100F degrees or the fondant will lose its shine.
The fondant can also be flavored with chocolate, coffee and caramel or other flavoring compounds and colored to meet desired needs.
Extra White Poured Fondant
Packaged in a resealable plastic bucket.
By world renowned producers of specialty bakery ingredients.  Made in France

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