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"Paco Torreblanca" Sugarworks - Collection of Sugarpieces.
Written in:  English & Spanish

Two Volume Book Collection

Volume 1
128 color pages
118 pictures

Volume 2
168 color pages
160 pictures
Inside Book Glimpse

Step-by-step photographs of the most important techniques in sugarworks.
Cakes and desserts recipes.
Page size: 330 x 210 mm.

This is undoubtedly the most personal and creative book that Paco Torreblanca has ever written.
With this 'Collection of Sugar Pieces', the master chef forges a new path in the conception of artistic pieces in pastry making. Torreblanca's hands give sugar some magical and surprising shapes, between architecture and sculpture, transparency and opacity, lights and shadows.

New treatments, techniques and uses related to the different types of sugar: pulled, blown, casting, bubble, isomalt, pastillage.
Also, the book includes the preparation and recipes of different cakes and desserts, among which some interesting specialties such as the updated Japanese sponge cakes or dorayakis stand out.

With his work, the master chef Torreblanca leads us in a walk along the path of contemporary art, an ephemeral art which is constructed with sugar as the main raw material, and an art which formally, technically and conceptually overtakes the traditional work of sugar in pastry making.

"Collection of Sugar Pieces'" by Paco Torreblanca, consists of two volumes which complement each other. The first volume shows large-format photographs of all the artistic sugar and chocolate pieces, cakes and desserts, together with comments from the author about each creation. The second volume reveals all the formulas and recipes, besides all the technical information regarding sugar, its different types, preparation processes, cooking methods, uses, and so on - all this accompanied by step-by-step illustrations.

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