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For more than 160 years, the Cacao Barry brand represents the symbol of French gastronomy and international expertise in producing some of the finest chocolates in the world.

100% natural cocoa butter in a powdered form!

Use product as a replacement for gelatin and for quick tempering of chocolate.

Mycryo enhances the taste of ingredients, by bringing out the essence of fruit mousse, bavarian creams and all your other specialties.
The texture of your preparations also benefit by becoming smoother and creamier without elasticity.
Mycryo gives fruit a more vivid brilliant color and makes your preparations more appetizing.
Tempering chocolate has now become fast and easy thanks to Mycryo powder cocoa butter, simply adding 1% of Mycryo to melted chocolate and mix well.

Net weight:  1.21 lbs. / 550g
Resealable container, brand name: Mycryo

Product is shipped using ice packs and well wrapped with insulating microfoam.
UPS Next Day Air delivery is recommended

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