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Multigrain Bread Blend is a ready-to-use blend of grains to be added to your favor bread dough.

The mix is made up of Multigrains soaked and boiled in a Sapore natural fermentation flavor.  This gives the grains a delicious, full-flavor taste and keeps them soft during the baking process.
Create special breads with your normal breads, by simply adding to the dough at the end of mixing.

Use 10-30% based on total dough weight.

Net weight:  38 pounds
Resealable plastic pail
Brand name:  Sapore Softgrain Multigrain Blend
(Ingredient listing: water, wheat sourdough, wheat grains, rye grains, oat grains, flax seed, rye sourdough, millet seed, teff seed, salt, preservative: potassium sorbate.)  Once opened, keep refrigerated for a maximum of 2 weeks.
By world renowned producer Puratos
Kosher Parve

Recipe example:
Bread Flour:  10 pounds / 100%
Water:  6.5 pounds / 65%
Salt:  3.5 ounces / 2.2%
Multigrain Blend:  1.75 - 5 pounds / 10-30%

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