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Set fits an 8", 9" 10", 12", 14" & 16" Cake Pans
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The "Original" Magi-Cake Strip Set, assures perfectly level, moist, prize winning cakes every time.

Made in Montana, USA !
How they work!
The outside of a cake pan is wrapped with a moistened Magi-Cake Strip, during baking the strip equalizes pan temperature so cakes bake evenly and flat across.

Cotton aluminized fabric (no polyester fabric or thread used); the outside insulates the strip to retain moisture throughout the baking process, eliminating high-rise centers, uneven layers, cracked tops and dry crusty edges.

Set includes 6 pan strips:
Enough for one - 8", 9", 10", 12", 14" and 16" cake pan!

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