EGGS  3 #
SUGAR  1# 14 OZ.
CAKE FLOUR - sifted  1# 6 OZ.
 BUTTER -melted & cooled  10 OZ.


1) Combine the eggs and sugar in a Hobart bowl, and heat over a double boiler until the mixture reaches 110 degrees.

2) Return to the Hobart mixer; and whip the egg mixture on 3rd speed, until the foam is thick and light and begins just to recede. About 15 minutes.

3) Reduce mixer to 2nd speed for 10 minutes.

4) Sift dry ingredients 3 times.

5) With your hand, gently fold the sifted dry ingredients into the egg mixture. Be careful not to deflate the foam.

6) Remove a small portion of batter and place in a small bowl, add the melted butter and vanilla and carefully blend together.

7) Quickly and gently fold the butter mixture back into the remaining batter.

8) Immediately portion into paper lined and sprayed cake pans.

9) Bake @ 365 degrees - approximately 25 minutes.