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Two liquid Preservatives for candy and confectionery products.
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Designed to inhibit two common problems experienced by food producers - rancidity and mold growth.
Used individually or in combination, these convenient preservatives help to extend shelf life of candy and baked goods.

Preserve-It Antioxidant, Natural   $4.89
An all natural antioxidant to reduce rancidity.  Needs only be listed on your product's ingredients as "natural flavor".
Use guide:  Use 1 3/4 teaspoon to each 5 lbs. butter or oil in the recipe.

Preserve-It Mold Inhibitor  $2.89
A convenient mold and fermentation inhibitor, formulated to help prevent mold growth from within.  A water-based preservative ideal for all candies, desserts and pastries.
Use guide:  Use 2 teaspoons to 5 lbs. of total batch.

Net weight: 1 fluid ounces
Resealable glass bottle

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