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ALL NEW - Flower Impression Set, imprints natural veining texture for life-like flowers and leaves.

These premium molds can be used with a wide variety of materials, including gum paste, rolled fondant, pulled sugar, marzipan and modeling chocolate.
Soft and flexible, made from high-quality silicone material.
Resistant to rips and tears.
2-piece set with 11 impressions:
Daisy Center
Gerbera Center
Sunflower Center
Small Daisy Center
Dogwood Center
Poppy Center
Long Basic Stamen
Basic Stamen

Deep Leaf Veiner
Soft Flower Veiner
Smooth Surface for rolling-out and feather edges.
Wire Stem Groove for attaching floral wire to gum paste.
• Dust the impression or flower center lightly with cornstarch.
• For Flower Centers, roll a ball of gum paste to the size of the cavity and press into the center.  Gently bend the mold to release.
• For Flowers and Leaves, place your gum paste cut-out shape over the impression and press lightly with fingertips. Gently lift away from mold.
• Apply accent colors and dusts to finish the piece.
Wilton Industries®

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