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The sour cherry or Amarena, are stoned wild cherries in heavy syrup.

Using a secret recipe passed down through five generations in Italy, the Fabbri family has been producing Amarena Cherries in syrup.
The classic flavor of Amarena Fabbri syrup has become a timeless product, and one of the most versatile ranges of flavors which pairs well with practically any recipe.

The crunchy texture of the Cherry wrapped in its sweet aromatic syrup is a sensory experience you’ll never forget.
The first time you try Amarena Fabbri syrup, with its uniquely pleasurable embrace will be love at first taste!
A true masterpiece of perfection !

Net weight:  3.2 kg / 7.02 lbs

Star Kosher
Halal Italia
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Vegan OK

Fabbri, since 1905, a leading Italian manufacturer of the finest ingredients for artisan gelato and pastry making

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