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Item#: DELTA-18110
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Evo Oil Sprayer is a beautifully designed spray bottle with advanced technology inside.
The EVO Sprayer is a unique trigger sprayer able to atomize high viscosity products, such as oils and similar liquids without pressurization or propellants.
Sprays 1/4 teaspoon with each and every trigger pull!

Large 18 ounce capacity container

Used by professional chefs, restaurants and institutional kitchens, it offers an economical, healthy, pure, and green tool to food preparation.
Evo is ideal for spraying oils onto your pans and bakeware, or to precisely apply egg-wash over raw dough products; such a breads, rolls, croissants and Danish prior to baking.
Use it also for frying, sautéing, roasting, baking, grilling or adding flavor to your foods.

One of the important features of the EVO is its "Fan Spray Pattern".  This Fan Pattern is better suited for food applications by giving chefs more precision and control.
The nozzle can also be rotated to spray in either a vertical or horizontal fan spray pattern.
The elegant bottle shape has been designed to be stable, combined with its easy-grip elongated neck and unique ergonomic trigger assures the Evo is simple to use and handle.

Evo Sprayer includes:

Flavor Filter, slides onto the end of the suction tube, to strain-out seasoning and larger particles.
Funnel, for quick re-filling without making a mess.
Neck Bands, four two-sided printed bands to identify sprayer contents.
BPA free
Dimensions: 9" tall, 5 1/4" wide
Quick and easy to clean, hand wash.  Wash thoroughly after use.

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