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Duo Decorating Tube System
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Duo Decorating Tube System is a revolutionary new invention for piping-out two-color decorations.

System consists of several interchangeable components, which combine to create a very unique process of extruding two-colors from a pastry bag.
The two-colors striping thickness can be adjusted from wide to pencil thin.
System can be used with buttercream, mousse, meringue, whipped cream, macarons, compound butter, mashed potatoes, etc.
System includes:
Duo two-color Depositor Cone
Duo two-color Depositor Tube Inserts:
        1 tube for 3 thin strips of 1mm
        1 tube for 3 thin strips of 2mm
        1 tube for 4 thin strips of 1mm
        1 tube for 4 thin strips of 2mm
Pastry Tips, clear polycarbonate with precise tip definition:
        2 Round Tips - U6, U12
        3 Star Tips - D8, E8, F6
        Basketweave Tip - BU8
Cleaning Brush
Instruction & Recipe Book
Plastic Storage Case
Prepare two mixtures of different colors but with similar density.
Select the Depositor Tube Inserts and fit inside the Dou Depositor Cone, then attach a selected Pastry Tip.
Fill the Duo Depositor Cone with 5 ounces of the prepared colored mixture.
Place the filled Duo Depositor Cone inside a pastry bag.
Fill the pastry bag with the remaining second mixture.
Adjust the Pastry Tip so the two-color striping yields desired look.
Pipe-out mixture as desired.

By Matfer, France

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