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Digital MeltinChoc "Dry Heat" Professional Chocolate Melter from Italy. Holds 19 pounds / 9 L of chocolate and is our most popular size!

Designed with the ability to melt and hold chocolate at a consistent temperature.
Perfect for candy production, as the large wide pan opening is ideal for filling candy molds.
Dry Heat
MeltinChoc melting devices are built to handle your chocolate with care.
The heating elements are mounted on both the bottom and sides for gentle and even heating.
Secure and slow melting at low temperature is critical for the quality of the final product. Therefore, a dry heat electronic induction heating device is used.
No water is used, reducing the risk of contaminating high quality couverture with water.
Accurate Temperature Control
Digital electronics operates the unit by monitoring the chocolate temperature through its external probe, for fast and precise melting of chocolate.
The front digital display provides tempering tips, manual adjustments or can be set to follow 3 preset programs depending on chocolate type: white, milk or dark.
The display also shows indicators to assist the operator in tempering and maintaining the chocolate.
Sound indicators when temperatures are reached.
Temperature can easily be set, ranging from 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (5-60C).
To manually temper chocolate, use the Tabling Method or Seeding Method.

Made of strong lightweight plastic body construction and state of the art integrated electronic circuits.
They come complete with a removable stainless steel basin for easy handling of melted and tempered chocolate.
A removable stainless steel lid with handle is also included to protect the chocolate from unwanted environmental influences during processing or melting overnight.

•  Design, digital electronics, external probe and construction assure ideal results.
•  Removable stainless steel insert with lid.
•  Easy to operate and to maintain.
•  Indirect induction heating for greater safety and hygiene.
•  Precise temperature control at every stage of the production process.
•  Low power consumption.

9 Liter Unit
Capacity:  9 Liter / 19 lbs.
Basin size:  inside dimensions 13" x 11 3/4" x 4"
Overall Unit size:  18" x 15" x 5 1/4"

Standard USA electrical 110 volt
1-year manufacturer's warranty on electrical components.
Made in Italy

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