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Crown Decor is an all new concept for creating eye-catching cake decorations.
The silicone strip allows you to create precise uniform cake decorations that wrap around your cake.
Thanks to Crown Decor Goccia you will have sweet drops surrounding your desserts.

Directions of Use:
1) Unroll the clear PVC strip and cut to desired length.  Make sure it is placed flat and smooth against your work surface.
2) Lay the Crown Decor silicone strip on top of the PVC strip, then using the included plastic scraper to align the silicone strip and make sure if flat and smooth.
3) Apply chocolate, then using the plastic scraper to smooth chocolate level and uniformly.
4) Carefully remove the Crown Decor silicone strip away from the clear PVC strip.
5) Prepare an appropriate cake ring by wrapping it with a separate piece of PVC plastic strip.
Then take the PVC strip containing the applied chocolate decoration and wrap it around this cake ring, making sure the chocolate decoration is facing and touching the other PVC plastic strip.  Then allow chocolate to set.
6) Carefully remove the clear PVC strip, and place the chocolate decoration around your finished cake.

Crown Decor Silicone Strip is marked with measurement to create decorations to fit cakes sizes from 2 3/8" to 10 1/4" diameter  (60- 260 mm).
Overall silicone strip length 35"

Included in kit:
Crown Decor Silicone Strip
PVC clear strip non-stick: 11/16" width, 32.8 feet length  (5mm x 10m)
Plastic spatula a very handy tool, to help align the silicone strip and spread chocolate uniformly.

Registered Design
The finest quality by Silikomart, Italy

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