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Item#: SILVERWOOD-45023
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Croquembouche Mold Kit, is a new innovative way to create this elegant French dessert.
Makes a perfect party centerpiece !
Kit assembles into a cone-shape mold, for constructing a Croquembouche pyramid made with profiteroles.

Set includes three components:  Flexible Non-Stick Cone, Top Cap and Dual-Purpose Base

The cone is simply formed and locked into place using the built-in tongue and groove tabs.
Place the cone over the base and top-off with the cap.
In this form, pate a choux profiterols are simply built around the outside of the cone, using caramel to stick them together.
Serves up to 20

For smaller desserts, drop the top cap into the base and invert the cone; as shown in the picture.  Build-up the profiteroles on the inside, again sticking them together with caramel.  For this smaller cone it is advisable to use smaller diameter profiteroles to achieve a better definition.
Serves up to 10

Non-stick cone material
Anodized aluminum alloy base and cap.
12" tall, 6" diameter

Made in Britain

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