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Item#: BOS-850510
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The Chocolate Ruffle Curler Kit allows you to create elegant chocolate ruffles for cakes and pastries.
Made in Holland, this curler produces both cheese ruffles and elegant Chocolate Ruffles.
Complete Kit:
Beechwood Base 8 3/4" diameter, with non-slip rubber feet.
High-quality stainless steel Curling Blade and Center Shaft.
Stainless steel chocolate Casting Ring.
1. Make the chocolate ruffle disk, by using "soft coating chocolate or gianduja", do not use tempered chocolate.
2. You can use solid color chocolate such as white, milk or dark chocolate.  Or create swirls of different chocolates or different colored white chocolates.
3. Place the Casting Ring over the base of the curler and find the center. Secure with masking tape to seal any gaps, then pour chocolate into the casting ring.
(You can also fill the casting ring separately and then attach to the center post of the curler.)
4. Allow coating chocolate in ring to firm.
5. Attach Curling Blade to the Center Post, grasp the knob on the Curling Blade and slowly rotate blade, while applying slight downward pressure onto the chocolate disk. Continue to rotate the curling blade until you have reached the desired ruffle shape. Stop and carefully remove ruffle and apply to your dessert.

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