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Item#: THERMO-68705
Your Price: $15.99
Two part kit, combines the tools necessary to create beautiful two colored/banded chocolate cigarettes.
Double-Edged Comb Scraper 6"X4"
Use the narrow notches of the scraper for chocolate, the other side can be used for buttercream.
Broad Spatula
Stainless Steel 18/8, blade 6" X 2 1/4", length including handle 8 3/4"
Made in Germany

Directions of use:
Spread a narrow band of tempered dark chocolate onto a clean marble. Using a palette knife spread it thinly to 5 1/2" wide.
Now using the comb, create long straight lines through the length of the chocolate band.  Allow the chocolate to firm slightly.
Then apply tempered white chocolate on top of the dark chocolate. Spread thinly and evenly with a palette knife. Allow to firm slightly.
Quickly before the chocolate hardens, using the broad scraper at 1" increments, roll-up the chocolate into cigarettes!

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