FRESH YEAST  4 ounces
WATER - cold water  3# 4 ounces
 SALT  1.5 ounces
 SUGAR  2 ounces
 BREAD FLOUR  1# 8 ounces
 HIGH-GLUTEN FLOUR  3# 8 ounces

MIXING: Sponge Mixing Method

1) In a bowl, blend together the yeast and water, stir until dissolved. Top with 4# of the combined flours.
2) Mix with a paddle attachment for 3 minutes.
3) Allow the "sponge" mixture to rise covered for 1 hour.
4) Then top this mixture with the salt, sugar and remaining flour.
5) Using a dough hook, mix on 1st speed for 3min, then 2nd speed for 5 minutes.
6) Allow the dough to rise for 1 hour.
7) Prepare filling - see the recipe below.
8) Punch-down the dough.
9) Scale the dough into 3.5 oz. pieces.
10) Round-up, and bench rest for 30 minutes.
11) Press an indention firmly into the center, but do not break through the dough! Carefully stretch and shape the dough into a nice round disk. Enlarging the indentation to about the size of a half dollar. The final dough ring should be thick around the edge and very thin in the center.
12) Place on sheetpans that have been dusted with cornmeal.
13) Fill each indention with a heaping tablespoon of the onion filling.
14) Bake @ 425 degrees. Using steam for the first 5 minutes of baking.

Chopped Onions - 6 each
Olive Oil - 1/2 cup
Poppy Seeds - 1/4 cup
Kosher Salt - to taste

1) Chop onions into a medium dice.
2) In a large saute pan, sweat the onions with the olive oil until transparent.
3) Add the poppy seeds and kosher salt. Allow mixture to cool.