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10X POWDERED SUGAR - well sifted 6#
HOT WATER 12 oz.
VANILLA EXTRACT - clear vanilla 1 oz.
BUTTER - softened 2#
EGG WHITES - pasteurized 8 oz.


1) Sift powdered sugar until lumpfree.

2) Add hot water and vanilla extract. Mix to a stiff paste - if too stiff, add a little more water.

3) Add butter and high-ratio shortening to the above paste. Using a paddle attachment, cream on 2nd speed until soft and light. Scrape down bowl 2 or 3 times.

4) Remove the paddle and replace with a whip!

5) While whipping slowly add the egg whites. Continue to whip until light and airy.

6) Add the corn syrup. This will give a nice shine to the icing!

7) Optional: add additional water to thin icing if needed!!!