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Bread Sourdough Starter
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Bread Sourdough Starter combines European sourdough flavor with active yeast cultures to produce superior quality breads.

All natural product, that performs like an active sourdough starter, providing both sour flavor and yeast fermentation to breads.

DURUM:  this sourdough starter is based on a natural sourdough developed from the hard wheat durum flour used in the Puglia region of Southern Italy.
This enables you to create breads with a typical Mediterranean aromatic taste!

Use 4% based on the weight of the flour.
Net weight:  2.2 pounds / 1 kg
Packaged dry powder
Brand name:  O-tentic
By world renowned producer Puratos

Recipe example:
Bread Flour:  10 pounds / 100%
Water:  6.5 pounds / 65%
Salt:  3.5 ounces / 2.2%
Sourdough Starter:  6.4 ounces / 4%

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