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BakeAir Pro Plus Bakery Airbrush Set, by the Badger Air Brush Company.

Ideal choice for a small bakery, this system will easily apply water-based airbrush colors finely and precisely.

Components included in the System:

> Badger Omni 4000 BakeAir Pro Plus Airbrush
For water based airbrush colors and similar products.

    Badger's Omni 4000 BakeAir Pro Plus professional airbrush offers precision performance designed for tight detail to broad spraying using a "One Tip-One Needle" combination.  It is easy to clean and simple to operate.
    Featuring a gravity feed cup, refers to top-mounted color cup in which gravity draws color into the airbrush.  The long-standing choice of cake decorators and professional bakers!
Correctly proportioned body weight provides perfect balance and comfort for the most exacting applications.  This large 1/3 ounce permanently mounted color cup, lets you get close to your work and allows for easy cleaning and color changing.
    Internal Mix - indicates that the air and liquid mix inside the airbrush, producing a thoroughly atomized "fine dot" spray pattern.
    Dual Action - refers to the trigger mechanism which controls both air and color.

Breeze Air Compressor model 80-3N

      Compressor is perfect for occasional usage and is compact and efficient. This is a great choice for bakery use, cosmetic applications, low volume hobby and art projects.
      Portable and light.  This compressor operates with a DC 12V motor and produces a working pressure of 24 PSI.
      Maintenance Free
      Air Brush Holder, convenient holder eliminates the possibility of dropping the airbrush.
      Push button on/off switch
      Auto shut-off
      Airflow regulator dial
      1/8" Hose Connection
      Durable 5 feet cord
      Operates one airbrush
      One year warranty. CE certification.

Clean Air Hose

    Flexible braided air hose.
    Threaded fittings on the airbrush with a quick connection fitting on the compressor.
     5 foot length

> Instructional DVD: "Cake Decorating with the Airbrush"

    Tips, tricks and techniques for spraying and blending colors and creating special effects.

4 Brilliant Airbrush-Ready Primary Colors & Air Brush Cleaner

Badger Air-Brush Co. the leading manufacturer of airbrushes in the world !
For 40 years building components of the finest quality and exacting standards.
Made in the USA
USA Technical Support.
1 year warranty on airbrush components.

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