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Badger Air Brush Cake Decorating & Chocolate System


Item#: BADGER-105,350,TC909
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Badger Air Brush Cake Decorating & Chocolate System, is one of the finest Airbrush systems available.
Badger Air-Brush Co. and Pastry Chef Central Inc. have assembled a complete airbrush system with a wide variety of capabilities to handle the demanding needs of a cake decorator, baker, pastry chef, candy maker and chocolatier!

This powerful system can easily apply water based airbrush colors finely and precisely and also heavier liquids such as colored cocoa butters and fluid couverture chocolates.

Components included in the System:

> Badger Airbrush:  model 105 Patriot
For water based airbrush colors and similar products.

    Badger's 105 Patriot professional airbrush offers precision performance with a soft spray pattern and tight line detail.  It is easy to clean and simple to operate.
    Featuring a gravity feed cup, correctly proportioned body weight provides perfect balance and comfort for the most exacting applications.  This large 1/3 ounce permanently mounted color cup, lets you get close to your work and allows for easy cleaning and color changing.  The long-standing choice of cake decorators and professional bakers !
    Patented handle design produces the fastest needle release on the market.
    Extra Tip included.
    Quick disconnect fitting for fast removal of airbrush from hose.
     Internal Mix - indicates that the air and liquid mix inside the airbrush, producing a thoroughly atomized "fine dot" spray pattern.
     Dual Action - refers to the trigger mechanism which controls both air and color.
     Gravity Feed - refers to top-mounted color cups in which gravity draws color into the airbrush.

> Badger Airbrush:  model 350
        For colored cocoa butter, fluid chocolate and similar high viscosity materials.

    • Badger's 350 professional airbrush is an external mix airbrush. Air and paint mix outside the airbrush, creating a larger, coarser "dot" pattern and providing a heavier spray volume.
    Extra Color Jars for quick color changes.
            4 Plastic Color Jars, each with a 3 ounce capacity.
            4 Fastblaster quick-change jar adaptors, plastic.
            4 Storage lids, plastic.
            2 Glass Color Jars, each with a 3/4 ounce capacity.  1 Fastblaster adaptor, 1 Storage Lid, plastic.
    Medium Head
    Quick disconnect fitting for fast removal of airbrush from hose.
    Constructed of high-impact nylon.  Solvent and chemical resistant.
    Nozzles/needles made of precision manufactured metals.

> Aspire Elite Air Compressor:  model TC909

    Portable and light, weighing only 11 pounds.  This compressor operates with a 1/6 horsepower motor and produces a maximum pressure of 57 PSI.
    Sturdy metal outer case with handle.
    Maintenance Free
    Airbrush trigger activated start & stop.
    Air Brush Holder, convenient holder eliminates the possibility of dropping the airbrush.
    Four attached suction cup feet eliminates compressor "movement".
    On/Off Toggle Switch
    1/8" Hose Connection, includes 1/8 to 1/4" hose adapter.
    110V electrical with durable 6 feet cord.
    Operates one airbrush.  One year warranty.  ETL certification.

> Air Regulator, Gauge & Moisture Trap

    Adjusts out-going air pressure from the compressor.  Includes a pressure needle gauge and a transparent drainable moisture trap.

> Quick Connect Hose

    Flexible "clear" vinyl air hose enables the airbrush user to detect any moisture or impurities in the air line.
    Quick disconnect fittings on both airbrushes.
    8 foot length.

> Instructional DVD: "Cake Decorating with the Airbrush"

    Tips, tricks and techniques for spraying and blending colors and creating special effects.

Badger Air-Brush Co. the leading manufacturer of airbrushes in the world !  For 40 years building components of the finest quality and exacting standards.
Made in the USA
USA Technical Support.
Lifetime Warranty on airbrush repair

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