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12" x 18"
18" x 24"
Specialized Cutting Mats make the perfect format for rolling and cutting-out gumpaste, rolled fondant and modeling chocolate.

Manufactured from a specialized formation of 5-layers of PVC plastic that allows cuts from knives, razors and cutters to just disappear!
Known as "Self-Healing" Cutting Mats, they are made for maximum durability and to protect work surfaces from being damaged.
Only 1/8" thick, these Cutting Mats are the perfect work surface for the baker, cake decorator and wedding cake designer.
The PVC plastic material is semi-ridged and lays perfectly flat.  The surface is smooth, hygienic and easy to clean.
Royal Blue color.
Printed with Inch and Metric Measurements along the border.
Surface is printed with 1/2" Grid Lines and precise Line Angles.
The reverse side can also be used, but does not contain grid lines.
Two sizes available:
12" x 18" - $11.99

18" x 24" - $19.99

By Dahle, Germany

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