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Powdered Couverture (Atomize) is a new product where freshly produced chocolate is converted into a powder !

Produced from fully conched Dark Chocolate Couverture.
How is couverture powder made?
Using a patented process, the cocoa butter content of the finished couverture is reduced, then crystallized and pulverized into a fine, free flowing powder.
• Authentic, well-rounded chocolate taste, aroma and mouth feel.
• Can be substituted for cocoa powder with improved results, specially improved smooth texture and less bitterness.
• Completely dissolves in any liquid, hot or cold, without lumps.
• Unlimited applications
Cocoa Mass: 69%,  Cocoa Butter: 10% (1%), Cocoa Solids: 58%
Dehydrated Milk, Sugar, Vanilla, Lecithin.  Fineness: 9 microns.
Net weight:  8 lbs.
Resealable plastic bucket
By world renowned producer Cacao Noel, France

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