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Krea Swiss Professional chocMelter from Switzerland. Holds 13 pounds / 6kg of chocolate and is our most popular size!

Designed with the ability to melt and hold chocolate at a consistent temperature.
Depending upon the required temperatures, it can potentially be used for similar materials such as poured fondant, glazes, coating chocolate etc.

Dry Heat
chocMELTER system works with direct and air based induction heating, is applied on all 5 sides - below and four sides.
The warming tank provides a much faster, more accurate and more energy efficient solution for heating chocolate than any comparable product on the market.
No water is used, reducing the risk of contaminating high quality couverture with water.

Temperature Control
Combined with a quality control system and temperature sensor being located ‘in the chocolate’, you can be sure of more accurate readings.
Temperature is easily set, ranging from 68°F to 140°F degrees Fahrenheit (20-60C).
Built-in electronic digital thermostat precisely holds desired temperature and is extremely stable, making it suitable for chocolate tempering.
*To manually temper chocolate, use the Tabling Method or Seeding Method.

Constructed of professional stainless steel with state of the art integrated electronic circuits.
It comes complete with a removable stainless steel insert with handles, for easy handling of melted and tempered chocolate.
A removable stainless steel lid with handle is also included to protect the chocolate.
Compact & lightweight footprint, the unit also has dual built-in handles for easy moving of the unit.

•  Capacity 6kg / 13 lbs.
•  Standard USA 110 volt electrical
•  Insert size:  12 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 5"
•  Overall unit size:  15" x 7" x 9"
•  Made in Switzerland, by Krea Swiss

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