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Express Whisk is an innovative up-and-down rotary whisk.

It enables you to mix ingredients effortlessly: all you have to do is lightly press the handle to turn the whisk effortlessly.

Its flexible tines enable it to change shape, this combined with the adjustable ball joint, allows you to create a whisk that fits your demands.
A Long and Slender Whisk for whisking in a narrow glass.
A Classic Balloon Whisk, perfect for beating egg whites or whipped cream.
A Flat Whisk for mixing small quantities and sauce bases.

The whisk is made from silicone, it is nonslip for stable movement and scratchproof so not to scratch your pans or containers.
The handle and shaft are made of stainless steel.

Can be used with both hot and cold mixtures, with a maximum temperature of 212F degrees (100C), but be sure not to expose it to heat for too long a period.
Stands upright to avoid contact with your work surface and to keep your kitchen clean.
Length 15"

Mastrad Paris

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