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Swan Dispay Stand
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Create elegant table centerpieces for use in displaying a variety of dessert and savory items, using these all new plexiglas template sets.

These template forms are a quick and convenient way to create small centerpiece display stands using pastillage or chocolate.
Use with Pastillage:
Simply lay template set on a flat surface. Press pastillage into forms, roll even and smooth using a rolling pin. Remove template forms and repeat to produce 4 sides, 1 top and 1 bottom. Allow to dry overnight.
Assemble pastillage pieces using Royal Icing and again allow to dry.
Use with Chocolate:
Simply lay template set on a flat surface. Pour into forms tempered or coating Dark, Milk or White Chocolate, allow chocolate to cure/dry in forms, remove forms and repeat to produce 4 sides, 1 top and 1 bottom.
Assemble chocolate pieces using chocolate and again allow to dry.
Decorative work:
The final Centerpieces Display Stands should be decorated with a variety of mediums, including colored Royal Icing, decorated with Air Brush Colors, accented with Luster Colors, etc., these added decorations will create a unique, colorful and one-of-a kind centerpiece for your dessert presentations.
Two Shapes available:
SWAN - Height 12 1/2", Top Plate 10", Bottom Plate 11 1/2"
GAZEBO - Height 10 1/2", Top Plate 8", Bottom Plate 11 1/2"
Heavy-duty Plexiglas; thickness 5/16"
Made in Italy
*Do not use with "poured sugar"

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